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Exciting Neal tour package for holiday seekers

Spending holidays in Nepal is really a special journey for every traveler. Staying in Nepal is really a wonderful experience that is considered a lifetime experience. Nepal is not only a hot spot for holiday seekers, but also it is a very affordable place for you. We are a popular traveling company in Nepal, which is specially designed to offer a customized and exciting Nepal Tour Package in very reasonable rates. We also provide exciting deals for those people, who are looking for a long journey. Our tour agents will provide you online booking facilities for each tour package.

Things to ignore while on EBC Trek Expedition

Trekking in Nepal is one of the most thrilling, exploring and incredible adventures. Trekking in the safe trekking spot is a dream of many trekkers. The small country is a shelter to some of the best trekking places across the globe, which are challenging, exhilarating, and beguiling at the similar time. Although there are many trekking routes in the country but the most popular route that stands out singly among all is Everest Base Camp trek. Every year, millions of trekkers come here to visit the land of mighty mountain, Himalayas to test their skill, bravery, confidence, and patience, physical stamina, and fill their hunger for adventure by performing the adventure action on this hard Everest base camp. Here are some important tips to ignore while trekking to the Everest Base Camp.


  • Never go untrained-

You must keep it in the mind that you are going to trek to Mount Everest base camp of the highest peak of the world and it is really not a kid’s play. It is very vital for you to begin preparing yourself mentally and physically well. So, you need to ignore any kind of discomfort during the trekking expedition. You should avoid cigarettes. You should work out more on your body so that you can improve your survival power.


2- Don’t trek alone:


There is undoubtedly that trekking alone may be very funny and enjoyable but not be possible when you are in the Sagarmatha national park. Even though the entire route to the EBC trek is well-planned but it will be better to trek in a group. You can meet new people, make true friendship and surprisingly, in the case of any kind of emergency, people will be available there to help you immediately.


3- Don’t miss out acclimatization


When you are going to trek in Nepal or any hard or rocky routes, it is very vital for you to adapt your body to the higher altitude. Altitude may gave a serious impression on your health and destroy all your dreams. Therefore, give a lot of time to your body to adjust to the high altitude and take all things very gradually and simple.


4- Never compete while trekking with others-


Whether you are a new trekker, or experienced trekker, you should ignore competing. Specially, while the route is Everest Base Camp Trekking in Nepal, doing trekking quickly is not very helpful to reach at the top of the peak. But trekking slowly is the key to reach at the top of hard routes. So it is very sensible to have average trekking speed.

5-Never dehydrate your body- Yes, this is extremely important to hydrate your body at the time of trekking. But always remember that you are not guzzling a liter of water. In its place, you should drink much water before starting trekking. You must keep drinking water. So, going for Everest base camp trek will be a successful expedition, if you have a trekking guide.


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